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Child Abuse- No child should feel alone or scared to be around a caregiver, should feel safe at school, and in any environment. There are several different types of child abuse. Some examples of child abuse are physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and bullying.

Teen Dating Abuse- resources and information on teen dating abuse and teen dating relationships, fact sheets and information for parents of teen survivors.
Domestic Violence- being a survivor of domestic abuse is a cycle that feels like it never ends, and can flood you full of emotions that you though you could never feel at one time.

Sexual Assault/Rape- for survivors, it is hard to go through something that no one wants to talk or hear about, but keeping it in can be more damaging than good. In order to heal, we must learn to understand why and how this could happen.

Male Survivors- abuse does not always happen to women, whether it is child abuse, domestic violence, or sexual assault, abuse is abuse, and it causes hurt and anguish no matter what gender you are.

Mental Health- dealing with the aftermath of abuse or traumatic event can lead to anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide. Here you can find articles, information, and links to important mental health issues.

Elder Abuse - you golden years should be filled with joy and love.  Taking advantage of a senior citizen financially, emotionally, or otherwise.  Click on the category link Elder Abuse for further information on elder abuse and resources to help those you care about.

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