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The Middle East is considerably known for its ancient past and culture. A lot of the first civilizations in the area were conceived and formed into the cutting edge world today. Anybody keen on history, humanities or prehistoric studies should visit the Middle East, the source, and history of mankind. The district of the Middle East is characterized in various ways. In spite of the fact that Europe and Asia are viewed as particular mainlands by tradition, they are in reality one land mass with Europe being a point off Asia- the biggest landmass on the planet. The border amongst Europe and the Middle East is normally drawn at Turkey, particularly the city of Istanbul, a very rich city layering of numerous civic establishments and societies at the pivot point amongst Europe and Asia, West and East. East of Istanbul is Syria, Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. Some stop at the border boundary there, restricting it to just nations on the Asian mainland, however, most incorporate Egypt, which is true in North Africa, yet Africa isn't entirely isolated from Asia. They share the same land by means of the land extension of Egypt between the Mediterranean on the north and the Red Sea. It's conceivable to movement via arriving from Egypt to Jerusalem. In the event that the definition incorporates Egypt, it ought not to stop discretionarily there, but rather ought to likewise incorporate the Arab nations along the Mediterranean edge of Africa: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. A few definitions incorporate Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is a substantial district with various nations and societies. What these nations all offer is a consistent idea of history and culture, framed inside an enormous mixture of culture and diversity. The Arab culture is the predominant one of the area, however, the vast majority of the real societies of the world left their imprints there as it was the intersection of human advancements and home of trade routes amongst Asia and Europe. From the ages of old Egypt years back to the present day, the Middle East has been in the middle of world conflict. It is the home of the Holy Land, Jerusalem the focal point of the beginning of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Baha'i religion. It is the focal point of the world's most prominent oil making it imperative in world's legislative issues. For voyagers, it is the focal point of tremendous attractions, endless recorded landmarks, present-day urban focus's, markets, an incredible assortment of food, and enterprise travel openings. Lately, American voyagers have been looking towards traveling the Middle East for social, religious travel, gambling clubs, shorelines, spa and health, sea cruising and travel activities, for example, climbing, biking, whitewater boating.

Child Abuse

No child should feel alone or scared to be around a caregiver, they should feel safe at school, and in any environment. There are several different types of child abuse. Some examples of child abuse are physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and bullying.

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If you are here, you are either looking for answers, healing, or looking to make friends who have been through some of the same things as you. Don't worry, you are not alone. 

Whether it be Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Aggressive Behavior at home, or Mental and Verbal misuse. We feel that a wide range of abuse and grief are harming, and don’t minimize individual’s encounters, it is our objective to connect with the greatest number of kindred survivors as we can, to sympathize, consolidate and make a difference.

Here you can have access to several of our features such as but not limited to:

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Members Rights:

  • To be treated with respect, with our privacy and personal dignity recognized and respected always.
    To have your civil and legal rights respected and protected
    To have the right to not be exploited or abused in any way by the staff members, volunteers, board members, or other members of this website.
    You have the right here at Casualspace.net to be responded to compassionately without opinion or judgment, and to have the same respect we offer back.
    Survivors of abuse can feel overwhelmed and lonely sometimes, we offer companion-backing-24-7 support and chat: on problems, insight, and resources that survivors need to make new friends!
    The mental quality of individuals like you who have survived a traumatic or damaging experience; is genuinely astounding! We trust that you will discover your spot among us, feel safe, and have fun!
    A number of us are PTSD, DID/MPD. Others struggle with self-injury, eating disorders, and many other disabilities. We are at all different places on this trip yet there is solace in realizing that we are not the only ones! As we share our thoughts and feelings of confusion and guilt, poetry from the lips of the wise, and artwork that is beyond amazing, our abilities to overcome is greater by what we can learn, from one another.


Casualspace.net collects information articles, pdf, links and free ebooks from all over the web and puts them in one huge resource center, making it easy to find the information you need. Click on a category below to find out more information.

Child Abuse- No child should feel alone or scared to be around a caregiver, should feel safe at school, and in any environment. There are several different types of child abuse. Some examples of child abuse are physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and bullying.

Teen Dating Abuse- resources and information on teen dating abuse and teen dating relationships, fact sheets and information for parents of teen survivors.
Domestic Violence- being a survivor of domestic abuse is a cycle that feels like it never ends, and can flood you full of emotions that you though you could never feel at one time.

Sexual Assault/Rape- for survivors, it is hard to go through something that no one wants to talk or hear about, but keeping it in can be more damaging than good. In order to heal, we must learn to understand why and how this could happen.

Male Survivors- abuse does not always happen to women, whether it is child abuse, domestic violence, or sexual assault, abuse is abuse, and it causes hurt and anguish no matter what gender you are.

Mental Health- dealing with the aftermath of abuse or traumatic event can lead to anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide. Here you can find articles, information, and links to important mental health issues.

Elder Abuse - you golden years should be filled with joy and love.  Taking advantage of a senior citizen financially, emotionally, or otherwise.  Click on the category link Elder Abuse for further information on elder abuse and resources to help those you care about.